Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to bring when we come to stay in rental units?

  • Food, drinks, personal toiletries, beach towels

  • Boat towels; for cleaning boats.

  • (please leave our towels in the rental units!)

What is provided in condos/houses for us upon arrival?

  • Paper products; toilet paper, paper towels

  • Soaps for kitchen/baths

  • Kitchen items to cook, glasses, utensils.
    (if you are making grandma’s lasagna, you may want to bring that specialty cooking item…)

  • (if these things are not provided, please notify us immediately, during working hours!)

Where do we go to check-in / pick up keys when we arrive?

You must come to the office to check-in and get your keys!!
You will enter Port O’Connor on 2244 W Adams Ave S.
2244 W Adams Ave S becomes Adams Ave. as you drive in to Port O’Connor.

We are located on 2244 W Adams Ave (also known as Adams Ave.)
Our street address is 2244 W. Adams Ave.
Our office is located on the left (north) side of Adams Ave.

Drive ½ mile past Byer Road as you come in to town.
(look for Cathy’s Rest./Marty’s Tackle at intersection of 2244 W Adams Ave/Byer Road)
If you drive all the way to the Speedy Stop, Exxon Gas Station on 16th St. – stop!
You went too far!!
Quick, turn around and come back and try again!

If you end up at the beach, stop!
You went too far, turn around and try again!
Call if problems 361-920-2005 cell.
See you in POC!

What time can we check in?

Standard check-in time is 3:00 pm.
Early check-in time is 12:00 noon.
(If we have people check out early,
or the units are not booked the night before you arrive,
we do allow early check in at 12:00 noon.)
You may call ahead to verify your check-in time!

We cannot allow you to enter units while they are being cleaned.
If you would like to drop off your supplies and go fishing,
let us know; we can arrange that for you!

We can also arrange late check in times, please ask us upon booking!

What time do we need to check out?

Unless notified otherwise, check out time is 12:00 noon.

We can arrange late check-out time if not booked for next day.
Please ask upon booking!

Most important

1 - If you have to cancel your trip, please call us as soon as possible!
There are usually other fishermen who would love to pick up your rental place!
If we can re-book your rental unit, your deposit can be totally refundable!
So, let us know as soon as possible and we can help each other, and maybe even another fisherman!

2 - If you are out fishing, and get "in the fish", and don’t want to come back in to dock,
please call us. Sometimes we can arrange late check- out, or change our cleaning schedule.
Both of these calls help us, and other fishermen checking in!

3 - A maid service fee will be charged for each rental unit.
Fee is noted in the description of each unit and will be added to your total at checkout.
An additional fee will be added for excessive damage.